Alchemy5 Workshops

July 31-August 7, 2019 at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Please see the initial list of instructors for the workshops below. Registration is now open! Please follow this link for the registration form.

Workshop Student Supply Lists are now available! Click on your instructor's name to see the list. If there is no link on your instructor's name, there is nothing extra you need to bring. If you have questions you can contact the instructor.



1 Gillie Hoyte Byrom Portrait Minatures (Full)

Portrait Miniatures (Full)

2 Heejoo Kim Enameling on Texture (Full) Enameling on Texture (Full)
3 Sarah Perkins   Vessels
4 Judy Stone   Through a Looking Glass: 3-D Color and Enamel Layering
5 Aurélie Guillaume Cloisonné – Opaques (Full) Cloisonné - Opaques(Full)
6 John Killmaster Granular Spray, Sgraffito and Enamel Crayons (Full)  
7 Sharon Massey   Champlevé - Steel 
8 Kathleen Wilcox   Use of Foils - Larger scale enameling (Full)
9 Anne Havel Dimensional Enameling - Torch Firing   
10 Marissa Saneholtz Saw and Solder Champlevé   
11 Sydney Scherr Cloisonné - Transparents